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Imagine Cup 2017: United States

Imagine Cup 2017: United States

Team up with friends or fellow developers to enter your world-changing software innovations to the U.S. Imagine Cup - a global student technology competition presented by Microsoft. U.S. finalists can win up to $6,000, startup and technology mentorship, and the chance to advance to the Imagine Cup Global finals, where one team will be selected to win $100,000 for our 15th anniversary!

2017 Hello Cloud Challenge

The Power of Azure

Даты проведения:
GMT: Чт, 15 сен 2016 00:00 - Пн, 31 июл 2017 23:59

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https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/477a4752-3776-477 ...

this is my team, we are a group of highly motivated

Team Updated on: Вт, 18 июл 2017 11:22 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/983d71ad-1bc3-412 ...

having fun

Team Updated on: Сб, 15 июл 2017 22:17 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/9794614e-8b26-4d2 ...

This is a test.

Team Updated on: Пт, 14 июл 2017 23:08 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/243d352c-c065-4ea ...

We go crazy.

Team Updated on: Пт, 14 июл 2017 23:00 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/3204e174-5482-479 ...


Team Updated on: Пт, 14 июл 2017 10:32 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/a20f89ef-224f-4c6 ...

i dont have time to do this right now

Team Updated on: Ср, 12 июл 2017 18:41 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/0a5b1fbc-4c77-493 ...

Scrawny and need to workout

Team Updated on: Ср, 12 июл 2017 03:45 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/3e84e82d-67f4-450 ...

Friendly, fun,created group that works hard, but have fun doing it.Game play and Story is a fifty on both sides.Its important we as a team give g ...

Team Updated on: Вт, 11 июл 2017 03:37 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/33e2654f-4d4b-4e5 ...

An early-stage startup based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our team consists of students, young professionals and robots. Okay fine, not act ...

Team Updated on: Пн, 10 июл 2017 20:05 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/ru-ru/Team/Index/8d809cbd-3c11-47d ...

We’re two computer science students at MIT driven to make a difference in education through technology.

Team Updated on: Пн, 10 июл 2017 02:56 (GMT)