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2018 United States National Final

Consulte as oportunidades deste ano do Microsoft Imagine! Países ao redor do mundo realizam eventos para estudante que oferecem suporte a competições da Imagine Cup e Microsoft Student Partners. Para sua equipe avançar na Imagine Cup, você deve competir na Final Nacional em seu país ou na Final Online Global. Descubra o que seu país oferece para você!

2018 Big Idea Challenge

Take your first step towards the Imagine Cup!

Datas Ativas:
GMT: qua, 8 nov 2017 00:00 - qua, 28 fev 2018 23:59

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2018 United States National Finals

Dream it. Build it. Live it.

Datas Ativas:
GMT: qui, 26 out 2017 23:59 - seg, 30 abr 2018 06:59

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Informações da Equipe

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/b9d4912f-c5d3-48c ...

We're a team from San Ramon, CA attending Diablo Valley College. Our team members consist of Shreyas Niradi, Shivam Dave, Kunal Patel, and Nithin ...

Equipe Atualizada em: qui, 22 fev 2018 03:00 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/ccdbb53b-6152-4e0 ...

college students working their ways through to make an impact, and proving that anyone can achieve anything they want.

Equipe Atualizada em: ter, 20 fev 2018 16:58 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/f97a42bc-5f6a-488 ...


Equipe Atualizada em: ter, 20 fev 2018 00:53 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/1b16becc-12ad-44d ...


Equipe Atualizada em: seg, 19 fev 2018 20:31 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/4e154b6a-9f75-452 ...

Independent Developers

Equipe Atualizada em: seg, 19 fev 2018 04:12 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/ab366348-84c4-47f ...

This team consists of a single individual who will be responsible for the creation, design and promotion of this project. This solo team is bui ...

Equipe Atualizada em: dom, 18 fev 2018 20:23 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/fce4cfce-3825-426 ...

We are a team for study and work hard

Equipe Atualizada em: dom, 18 fev 2018 13:56 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/900f0735-d2d0-48f ...

We are 3 high schoolers from Noblesville High School. Eric Nguyen is interested in becoming a software engineer. Brady is interested in becomin ...

Equipe Atualizada em: dom, 18 fev 2018 05:58 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/fbf22d39-5039-464 ...

Personal Team for coding

Equipe Atualizada em: sáb, 17 fev 2018 03:38 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/pt-br/Team/Index/eb7dc64e-57e0-4ee ...


Equipe Atualizada em: qui, 15 fev 2018 17:23 (GMT)

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