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Imagine Cup 2017: United States

Imagine Cup 2017: United States

Team up with friends or fellow developers to enter your world-changing software innovations to the U.S. Imagine Cup - a global student technology competition presented by Microsoft. U.S. finalists can win up to $6,000, startup and technology mentorship, and the chance to advance to the Imagine Cup Global finals, where one team will be selected to win $100,000 for our 15th anniversary!

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https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/8bf6a76b-afeb-442 ...

We are doing a great hard work for learning Microsoft tools and integrating with all cloud

Team Updated on: mar., 17 oct. 2017 03:20 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/f3aee726-eb8b-49d ...


Team Updated on: sam., 14 oct. 2017 15:41 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/dc2c995a-1561-40b ...

Cloud computing research team

Team Updated on: sam., 14 oct. 2017 01:28 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/933d8a77-3711-4b0 ...

Team Jso of JsoLab

Team Updated on: ven., 13 oct. 2017 10:25 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/76b7dee2-1f6a-414 ...

Team Members Huzma Huy Adham

Team Updated on: jeu., 12 oct. 2017 19:36 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/20d4c8b2-531a-433 ...

A group of young IT professionals in the greater Toledo area. Consisting mostly of University of Toledo students and graduates.

Team Updated on: mer., 11 oct. 2017 17:42 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/d0de7c35-a15a-4db ...

;vgyuyb ghiohiuh huihouihiuh huhuhiouh hiohih

Team Updated on: sam., 7 oct. 2017 09:55 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/646a9c85-baed-470 ...

Training for the future of Paas

Team Updated on: ven., 6 oct. 2017 16:41 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/cfb46b9b-5fea-47e ...

A team created for senior project at UNF

Team Updated on: ven., 6 oct. 2017 15:27 (GMT)

https://imagine.microsoft.com/fr-fr/Team/Index/a2a74f57-ca0a-476 ...

learn SAML 2.0 SSO with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services

Team Updated on: ven., 6 oct. 2017 08:54 (GMT)