Software Access FAQ

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Simply , verify your student status and download software through this website at no cost.

  1. School email address – enter your school email address, if your school is signed up for Imagine and has registered their domain, this will verify your student status.
  2. Microsoft Imagine Verification Code – If you are working with someone from Microsoft, if you present them with your student id they may be able to provide you a Microsoft Imagine Verification code which verifies your student status

For detailed step by step instructions refer to our Microsoft Imagine how to get Azure guide

  1. Create a Microsoft Imagine Account and verify your student status.
  2. Access the Software catalog by selecting Downloads | Software Catalog from the top navigation menu.
  3. Select Azure for Microsoft Imagine.
  4. Select Register now.
  5. Fill in your profile information for the Azure subscription.
  6. Verify your Azure subscription account.
  7. Read the subscription agreement and agree to offer details.
  8. Once your Azure subscription is created, visit to use your new subscription.

If you’re a student at a university, community college, vocational or trade school, or a high school, you are eligible to participate in Microsoft Imagine. All students at accredited schools around the world are eligible.

Not at all! Microsoft Imagine is available to all accredited schools across the globe. The whole point of the Internet is to bring everyone around the world together, right? So it doesn’t matter what size your school is or where it is. We only ask that it’s an accredited school and that your student status be verified.

Microsoft Imagine is available to millions of students around the world. If you are currently enrolled in courses at an accredited institution, you are eligible to download software for free with Microsoft Imagine at no charge.

No, you are not required to be 18 years old to sign up for Microsoft Imagine, all you need is a Microsoft account. Don't have a Microsoft account? Register now. Please note, some benefits of being a Microsoft Imagine member are only available to members who are are at least 18 years old or have reached the age of majority in their country, such as selling applications you make on the Windows Store. Other benefits, such as downloading and installing software do not have the same age restrictions and are available to all Microsoft Imagine members.

Sign up for a Microsoft account.

Feedback & Support

We’d love to hear from you (yeah, even if you’ve got some complaints). Just go to the contact us page and complete the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can report inappropriate content by either clicking on the 'Report inappropriate content' in the team pages or navigate to our Support Form and select 'Report Abusive Content' from the subject dropdown menu.

License Agreement

Feel free to use the tools and software from Microsoft Imagine to get ahead in school, develop new skills and take steps in research in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Please review the license agreement for more details.


You can find the Microsoft Imagine privacy & cookie policy here.

To learn more, please check out the Microsoft Imagine policy on privacy & cookies.


Microsoft Imagine has loads of products! You can see the entire list by visiting the Microsoft Imagine student software catalog

Nothing! Microsoft Imagine offers the same completely loaded Microsoft software that professional developers pay good cash to purchase. However, through Microsoft Imagine, we’re providing this software directly to students like you at no charge, to advance your skills through technical design, technology, math, science and engineering software, tools and training.

We’ve included some helpful links to training and resources on each product’s page. You also can get technical information and user guides from or go to the specific Microsoft product site.

Software is available in a set of languages determined by each product. Please go to any product's page to see what languages are available.

First, make sure you have verified your account. Then follow the instructions here to activate your offer.