2016 World Semifinalists

The 2016 Imagine Cup World Semifinals brings together student teams from all over the world. Click on a competition to see our semifinalists!


Join the global game revolution. Today, great games come from anywhere and people play them everywhere. On their phones, on their computers, on their tablets, in their browser, with their friends, with anyone, with everyone. Powerful game engines and libraries are available for free so students can get started right away. There’s really never been a better time to make the next great game.

Ascanio Entertainment


Crash Force is an amalgamation of the most popular genres in gaming; it is a multi-player, arena, shooting game...

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Bit Masterz

Sri Lanka

Ashes of History is a Virtual reality game with Gesture controls. It's time for you to go back in history and save thousands and millions...

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HOVA: The Beginning is a Hack and Slash medieval RPG third person view action game with an African essence and life. The inferior...

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Burning Hair


"Plug In" is a game about a plug that seeks for power supply to charge different devices...

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Jungle Blobs is the first 2d platformer that understands you. It designed for mobile devices and consoles, but not exclusive...

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Dextrous Infinity


Intoit is a game designed for Windows platform and supports virtual reality. The storyline follows two brothers...

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Digital Interactive Games

South Africa

Of Dragons and Sheep is a fast paced 3D sidescroller where the hero must save his beloved sheep from the vicious dragons...

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The story revolves around a kid name Miki who was scolded by his teacher for not completing his notes on time and was given...

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You play as a circle shaped rocket engine and you can only control when the engine is on and off it rotates freely through space...

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This Game represents the characters of soldiers who have appeared recently to bring peace to the earth after a massive war...

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Game Lab


The Hidden Treasure is a game where the player collects the treasure which is hidden somewhere on the map...

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A videogame based on a never-seen-before board game, developed from the ground up by the "gameinventors"...

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Destructopus is a game about environmental awareness, focused on the disposal of radioactive waste on the ocean...

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Hong Kong SAR

A planet simulating game where you can take control of a realistically simulated ever changing world...

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Holy Trinity


Adventure into the world of Aferion where challenging obstacles and enemies awaits you...

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Infinite Pizza


An action puzzle nuclear physics game...

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INTERCRUTCH is a crutch system design for short-term leg Injuries. It combines module crutch, App and Kinect...

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Take control of the little robot Klink to roam an unknown and strange world. Explore, experiment and see what you can do in it...

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A Word Puzzle Game focused for children of age 2 to 10, where different orientation of letters, numbers and words are...

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Manara Team


Manara is a 3d game developed with unity , Manara is an area that has people living in it , each character has his own story, and...

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Mild Beast Games

United States

SUNDOWN is a local multiplayer stealth game where players are completely invisible in the dark...

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Mon Lapin


The project "Senraku" has been started by the students who wish to spread e-sports to the world...

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No Mana


Our project is called Back To Home, it is a solution to help people who are suffering from the Alzheimer disease to make them...

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None Developers


Froggy and The Pesticide is more than Puzzle game. it has fun, challenging and addicted gameplay...

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A Stealth Puzzle Game with Planning System Gameplay on Smartphone...

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RainForce Team


Multi-platform 2D adventure arcade-puzzle game, with elements of action and multiplayer with three modes + level editor...

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Chem is an engaging way to let the children be interested in chemistry but beware, the game is full of puzzles, tricks and engaging challenges...

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Legendary Monster is a 2D game. Players use the gravity sensor to control the game. The game is deployed on...

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Sanity Illicit


Venture through the cosmos with your six shapes inside the prism surpassing all kinds of dangers and tricks lurking within...

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United Kingdom

3D top down adventure game based on a world made of dynamic hexagonal tiles...

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Shooting Star Studios


Can you escape the Void you created?...

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Cottingley is a 2d platform game developed by an interdisciplinary team of mexicans students. We look to finish developing this game in...

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Sphere is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mobile game for children...

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Studio Attic


An action puzzle platformer game with Jack in an imaginary world in attics over attics...

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Super Games


Super Walljump is a fun and addictive game which appeals to casual gamers and core gamers...

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Team Grass Kelly


Lawn party is a game about mowing lawns. Mow fast, efficiently and with style by exploring the most unexpected gardens...

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Team KlockWork

United Arab Emirates

Magus Dream is a multi-platform video game aimed at consoles and the PC market. It is a story driven adventure game that is...

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Pass the Torch is a short casual paper style game where you have to tap anywhere on the screen to move the Torch and pass it...

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The Corp


Left in the Dark is a completely audio based game that consists only of voice input from the player and the corresponding audio...

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The Lost Methods

Saudi Arabia

No project description available

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Tower Up


The objective of this RUNNER is to collect as much water as possible with the character Jequi on his exciting dream, in which...

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A mobile game in which you control inner workings of a unicellular organism to survive and evolve. All the mechanics are based...

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