Visual Studio for Mac

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A full-featured IDE for developers on Mac who build applications, games, and services for iOS, Android, macOS, cloud, and web. You love Visual Studio, now it’s on the Mac.

Introducing Visual Studio for Mac

Build apps for mobile and other devices, web, and cloud

Visual Studio for Mac brings industry leading capabilities to you, letting you maximize your potential when developing applications and games targeting mobile and other devices, and the cloud. Create apps that integrate with the cloud seamlessly and publish your web applications directly to the cloud without leaving the IDE.

Productivity for teams across Windows and Mac

With access to the same compiler, code completion and refactoring experience that you know and love from Visual Studio on Windows, Visual Studio for Mac provides a world-class coding experience. Solutions and projects can be worked on from both PC and Mac, enabling developer flexibility and seamless collaboration across teams.

An IDE natively designed for the Mac

If you are familiar with apps on Mac, Visual Studio for Mac will feel right at home, as it is designed natively for the Mac user. Developer workflow alignment with native Mac IDEs such as Xcode enable rapid adoption without a steep learning curve.

Get Started with Visual Studio for Mac

New to Visual Studio for Mac and need help setting up and customizing the IDE or learning the basic building blocks? Learn your way around and get started with your first app within minutes.

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